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Thread: Tempe citizen "did not feel safe" in presence of police officers

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    I'm so glad I never developed a taste for coffee......just sounds like way too much hassle. Personally, I think the customer should've been asked to leave in this case, regardless of who was making them nervous. Anyone that damned paranoid and jittery, has certainly had too much coffee already and needs to be shut off 'til they detox. There needs to be some gov't regulation on these coffee bars, just like any alcohol bar where they aren't permitted to serve anyone already noticeably under the influence. Shouldn't there be some kind of caffeine breathalyzer so cops can check for coffee DUIs? Where are the age limits and background checks, are there capacity limitations on the cup capacities and straw lengths? Are lids considered concealed carry or a form of silencer? Should assault coffee be legal? Aren't certain fashion flavors a form of micro-aggression? ...you'd think the libs'd be all over this stuff.
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    Another first-world problem rears its head and gets WAY more press than it deserves.

    So . . . will Starbucks now shut all its stores down for a day of sensitivity training for dealing with law enforcement?


    And that's because . . . ?

    I like the $5 gift card stunt -- will have to keep that in the back pocket to pull out later.

    There's more to the story than a snowflake getting vapors over the presence of law enforcement. The employee shooed five customers out of the store to appease one? Nah -- the employee had the problem too. For whatever reason, the customer felt able to either manipulate the employee or had reason to believe the employee was receptive to asking the LEOs to leave.

    Starbucks has been pretty supportive of our troops overseas. They hire, and target the hiring of, veterans.

    One stupid move by an employee who's either new, incompetent, or hasn't figured out that their personal agenda needs to be put on hold while someone else is paying for their time isn't really enough for me to shun, detest, or denounce Starbucks. I don't hit Starbucks very often simply because I generally take my own cup of joe along when I saddle up to go somewhere.

    And customers who get flittered by the presence of LEOs? They have problems they need to figure out for themselves.

    Kudos to the officers for being the mature ones of the story, but this really is a first world problem.
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