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Thread: Video of Iran's navy in action

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    Quote Originally Posted by GunnyJoePHNX View Post
    im gonna say this and then im gonna shut my mouth -

    if you have not served or have not seen combat then you should refrain from pushing for war. its not just your enemy who suffers its effects.

    and by the way - video of a ship removing a mine is not the same as video of a ship placing a mine. that mine was probably being removed after the ship was evacuated to save it from accidental detonation and possible sinking causing a major environmental catastrophe.
    Given that the odds are slim that a random civilian boat in the area had someone on board qualified enough in EOD to remove the mine, it's much more likely it was removed by this anonymous vessel to make sure it was not recovered, and traced back to its source.
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    Quote Originally Posted by troutkiller View Post
    They were rescued by a passing ship and would not transfer to an Iranian rescue boat that showed up shortly afterwards. They did transfer to the USS Bainbridge eventually.
    By they, you mean one of the two crews? Check this out.

    Shortly after the crews of the two tankers attacked this week in the Gulf of Oman evacuated their stricken vessels, the ships that rescued them were surrounded by Iranian military boats and told to transfer the mariners into their custody, according to declassified U.S. intelligence reports obtained on Friday by CBS News.

    One of the civilian rescue ships eventually complied with the Iranian military's request. The other did not. The new details help to paint a picture of what happened Thursday in the Gulf, near the vital shipping channel of the Strait of Hormuz, through which about a third of the world's oil supply passes.
    There is also this, although not sure of this news source.

    Iranian gunboats surrounded a rescue vessel carrying the crew of the tanker damaged outside the Persian Gulf and ordered the captain to turn over the sailors, Fox News reported, citing American officials.

    Hyundai Dubai picked up the sailors from the Front Altair tanker but Iranian gunboats surrounded the ship and demanded that the tanker’s crew be surrendered, the U.S. officials said. The captain of Hyundai Dubai eventually complied with the order.
    The 23 crew members are now in Iran. According to an Iranian news agency, 11 of the crew were Russian, 11 Filipino and one Georgian.

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