Needing help with a Raccoon Problem................
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Thread: Needing help with a Raccoon Problem................

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    Needing help with a Raccoon Problem................

    MIL's House is empty over the winter, goes to Arizona to stay.
    She just returned to find a family of aggressive raccoons had torn into the house from the attic
    and trashed the place, mom and babies still there in the attic.
    I need to get some input as to getting rid of them quickly, as she is staying in an empty apartment she owns................
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    Get a gallon of ammonia used to develop blueprints from an engineering supply store put it in a garden sprayer. Spray the attic and any other areas they habitate. You don't have to spray it on anything, just a fine mist into the air. The hotter it is in the house the better. It will drive you out of the house, and they will be close behind. Once gone, open doors and windows and air it out for 12 to 24 hours....
    Diazo Ammonia is about 6 times stronger than household ammonia..
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    My only suggestion would be to contact a "critter gitter", one of those wildlife removal experts. This situation sounds a bit beyond a DIY project. In my experience, a single raccoon will move out if disturbed regularly but a mom with babies prob'ly won't be so inclined. Considerin' how ferocious they can be and their tendency to be rabid, I'd leave it to a pro.
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    Uh -- get some wildlife trappers. Whatever they want for a fee is probably worth it.

    Or you could torch the place (jk)
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    A Florida lawyer did this, and it went over like a lead balloon.
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    On DFarm I use live traps very successfully. I own half dozen live traps. I bait them with dog food, peanut butter, honey and 2 marshmallows. I normally can catch the whole family in one night. Wish I lived closer. I would swing by and give you a hand. Does S Dakota still have state trappers? You know any local trappers? Most use steel leg traps and that can be another problem.
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