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Thread: RXR Crossing Woes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trotline View Post
    I thought the 'Chief' lines ran from Chicago, thru KC and then thru Topeka and on...
    This is what my old memory of traveling from Galesburg, Il. to Flagstaff, Az. by train back in the early to mid 60s tells me. But I was a youngster then and my memory isn't all that great. My brother and I did have fun on those no adult supervision train rides though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
    A follow up to a thread I forgot about:

    Carman crossing passes over two main rails and a spur that once served Peoria. The rails cross Carman Road at a 45 degree angle. My house is about 130 yds. from the crossing.

    At first I just parked my car out front and hooked the cam up to a lawnmower battery, running it overnight. I snagged six fuel haulers of two different carriers, one LP hauler and two anhydrous rigs blow through during the wee hours. I could only identify the two fuel carriers. The others got away because of low light and a lack of markings on their rigs.

    Sheriff's office talked the owner of one carrier. His drivers now come to a complete halt. The other fuel hauler stopped coming by my house all together. Still, many more violators are getting away.

    I've tried using dashcam wire tied to my shop, but with limited success. The cheap Cobra unit I used, is old, doesn't work well in low light and I can only get five hours of video loop out of it.

    I need an all weather camera, one that can do a 24hr. video loop. Something that delivers a sharp pic in low light. There was a neat looking surveillance camera down at the cell phone store, but I'm too cheap to go that route.

    Any suggestions?
    Look into IP web cams that accept POE (power over ethernet). They're pricey but not insanely, usually under 200 bucks for outdoor low lux units.
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