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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin thunder View Post
    Kids today are unhappy because they don't know how to fly a kite.
    Do you think their parents ever told them "to go fly a kite"?

    It's the little things in life. was windy here yesterday and the neighbor (late 20's maybe) was standing in his backyard with his young daughter and he was holding a kite up trying to catch some air to get it aloft.

    I had to restrain myself from yelling...YOU HAVE TO RUN WITH IT !!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by misPhyr View Post
    Please provide some facts to prove your claim. Was your statement 'Just a thought' or just thoughtless???
    Quote Originally Posted by Czechbikr View Post
    There's no need to make this personal...if you disagree, make your case or drop it.
    I will also add a reminder that posters of content can’t be held accountable to include anyor all links to sources.. By all means, though, feel free to disagree and make your case.
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