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Thread: Afraid for his son's life, father turns his kid in to police

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    I asked a guy if prison did him any good. He said the first 5 didn't but the last 3 helped a whole lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by texastaurusguy View Post
    It sounds like the son was out of control and I commend the father for very likely saving his son's life. Maybe the lad can get control of his life and turn it around.

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    To easy to blame parenting. May or may not been bad parenting. My mom did a great job raising 5 kids on her own. 4 of us have lived crime free lives. 1 even to this day at age of 52 has gone down the wrong path. I blame him not parenting.

    When we were kids it was very clear if we got arrested don't call home. We are own our own. Glad we never put it to the test.
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    If one our kids were behaving like that idiot the biggest
    fear for their lives would have come from me.

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    Here's my experience in life as a parent: when I see the little "monsters" at my child's elementary school, I always reserve judgement until I see their parents. Almost always, 95+% of the time guessed it, they're giant jackwads too.

    Children in general are little walking mirrors. They reflect what they see most.

    Now there are exceptions to everything in life. I count my self lucky that my child is: happy, healthy both mentally and physically. We *try* (key phase) to raise her with morals and compassion for others and a understanding that the world isn't always fair, but you get what you put into it, for the most part.

    Lots of folks out there today that have no business owning a gold fish, let alone being parents, IMHO.

    Good on the dad for doing something before his son escalated his bad ways to the point someone would need to put a bullet in him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yissnakk View Post
    Still, I would say that somewhere along the way, parenting failures occurred.
    Although there are plenty of examples of bad parenting, sometimes the blame falls squarely on the kids.

    I've seen kids from the best upbringing go bad, and kids who had every reason to be bad, turn into fine young adults.

    Kids are very impressionable, a kind or harsh word at the right or wrong moment in their lives can make a huge difference. A parent, teacher, cop or friend will often decide their fate.
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    While parents contribute, environment, happenstance, so called "friends" do also. There are also just bad seeds that are irredeemable no matter what help they receive. This father did what he thought he should do - can't fault him for that.
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