January 2017 Chicago torture incident of mentally disabled man
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Thread: January 2017 Chicago torture incident of mentally disabled man

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    January 2017 Chicago torture incident of mentally disabled man

    Just wondering how long it takes to try four suspects who livestreamed their crimes online? Seems like a slam-dunk anywhere other than Chicago.

    On February 10, 2017, all four suspects pleaded not guilty at their arraignment. On May 16, 2017, a judge set bail for the four individuals: $900,000 for Hill; $800,000 for Cooper; $500,000 for Brittany Covington; and $200,000 for Tanishia Covington. None of the four defendants were able to post bail.

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    Probably 2 or 3 years. With them pleading not guilty, the court system will have to wait a long time for media attention to die down in order to find jurors that don't know about the crime. The suspects are probably aware of this and hoping for a plea deal. Unfortunately, they will probably wait for a good deal and take it and the state will eventually give them a deal to try and save time and money
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    It's Raumville, AKA Chiraq. The United States Constitution is an "insignificant piece of paper", and not applicable in the People's Republic of Raumville.
    Therefore, IF they get a trial, faint !!! And IF they are found guilty, faint again !!!
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    As has that of the majority of Americans.

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    HOLD ON THERE!!! California would be worse. They just set free a killer because he didn't purposely kill a young woman.
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