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Thread: WI-FI Light switch

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    The bathroom is probably the worst place to put a motion sensor light.
    I ran across one of those in a truck stop back in the 80s, it was set for 30 seconds. All the time waving your hand above the stall walls while trying to do the necessary paperwork.
    Funny now but not then.
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    There's alway's another option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishinkeylargo View Post
    Anyone install and use one?Thinking about putting my outside light on a WI-FI switch. Hate coming home to a dark walkway and I also hate leaving the light on wasting electricity. I can install an outdoor light with photocell and motion sensor however it has two flaws. The first being the switch gets turned off and renders it useless. I could eliminate the switch however there are many times I don't want the light on. Second flaw is the way the light is positioned the motion sensor won't activate until I am halfway to the door. Also the neighbors big dog runs the fence line and would constantly trip it turning on the light.I have no plans on doing a WI-FI controlled house and found a WI-FI light switch that if it is hacked so what they turn my light off and on.I do have a programmable WI-FI thermostat in my house and have been using it for 6 months now. I have saved an average of $50.00 a month off my electric bill by using it. Money well spent and already re-cooped in savings.
    Totally what I have in mind. Just got Mike an Alexa for Christmas. I HATE coming home when it's totally pitch black. This is my ulterior motive!!!! And getting a WiFi enabled thermostat. We are so far loving Alexa
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    ​~ Different from the OTHER girls!!!!


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