Can't Believe We Don't Have Ohio State Fans....
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Thread: Can't Believe We Don't Have Ohio State Fans....

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    Can't Believe We Don't Have Ohio State Fans....

    ....slitting their virtual wrists! What a pitiful showing.

    As a (non-rabid) Gator fan, my prediction is that Urban will begin experiencing chest pains early this week....
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    All I really can say is urban is all about urban . Iam here in ohio and I've watched him all the time on the local news .he talks about the team in a 3rd party sense .like t hey list the game not me

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    Oh I was postin' and boastin' for a couple of days totally convinced that the Buckeyes were heading for the big game.

    I glued my butt to the sofa through half time peeled off to help with dinner - ate in front of the TV.

    My wife was talking about a film she wanted to watch and thought she might start it in the bedroom - I could not take any more "one team football" and saw no hint that the REAL Buckeyes would get on the field so I bailed for the film and the continued company of my wife.

    OSU has a consistently strong program. THAT was one of the wort Choke and Croak jobs I've ever seen from then team.

    I blame Putin!!!!
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    I think I saw the OSU flag flying from the stern.

    I was hoping for better but not to be.

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    Urban wins the same way Saban wins. Have the top recruits. He has a marginal offensive line and a QB that is not developing. PSU should not have beaten OSU but Urban depended on his better recruits carrying the day. They didn't.

    Yesterday, IMO was poor preparation by Meyer. He had nothing planned to help the offensive line and the QB couldn't decide when to scramble.

    Can't blame the Defense, I think they were on the field too much.

    There are several coaches that are defined as 'gods' in major college football but if they averaged a recruiting class ranked 10-15 they would be average. More salesman than coach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coopercdrkey View Post
    ....slitting their virtual wrists! What a pitiful showing.

    As a (non-rabid) Gator fan, my prediction is that Urban will begin experiencing chest pains early this week....
    Ohio State looked a step or two slower across the board, in every position group. Halfway through the game I said to myself, "Geez, this looks just like the 2006-07 UF-tOSU game, except this time Meyer isn't the one coaching the "fastest team in the country".

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