Bears like fish food.
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Thread: Bears like fish food.

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    Bears like fish food.

    Finally got a look at what was getting into my containers of fish food that I keep inside plastic containers in a small shed near my pond. I walked out to my stable this morning and saw something in the shed. I thought it was a stray dog (which we plenty of) but when I hollered at it it came out and took off through the woods. Looked to be a yearling maybe 80 to 90 lbs. Didn't see mama anywhere so it may have been on it's own. Have to buy a better container if I want to keep my feed near the pond. I suspect it will be back because it ate quite a lot of the 50 lb bag of fish food pellets. If I see it again I'll try to get some pics.
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    Great story, keep the camera ready. I would love to see it and please be careful!
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    Same problem here. Been pulling in all the bird feeders every night for a long while. Fish food just stays in the house and I grab a scoop on the way out.
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    Please be careful of the bears, would like to see some pictures if you can.



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