This is a mellow dog
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Thread: This is a mellow dog

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    This is a mellow dog

    Mine would be freaking out, trying to hide under the bed.

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    Looks like he was enjoying a nice massage.
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    My 2 would be chasing it and trying to eat it!
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    My late dog King had one fear, the vacuum cleaner. It terrified him from the day I got him until he died 10 days before his 14th birthday. When he was about 6 or so, I started taking him to work with me. The cleaning people came in on the first night. King was asleep on the floor, and I expected him to totally freak out when the vacuum went on. Nope. Not a twitch. As it got closer and closer to him, he finally woke up, yawned, smacked his lips a couple of times, and went back to sleep! When the woman got to my area, I saw it's the SAME vacuum I had at home, not just a similar one, but the exact same thing. She started bumping him with it, and he finally sighed and rolled over. I had to finally pull him over to my cubicle so she could do the floor. As soon as she finished, he went right back and laid down in the same spot he was before. In about 30 seconds, he was asleep again, and started dreaming a few minutes afterward. When we got home, I just opened the closet where the vacuum was, and he went into a panic. They are as different as people.



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