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    Question EPIRB questions...

    I have EPIRB questions if anyone uses one or is familiar with them. My daughter does a bit of back country hiking and over night camping trips. I would like to get her an EPIRB but I don't know what to buy. Here is the one I'm looking at....

    https://www.amazon.com/ACR-PLB-375-R...keywords=epirb .

    Is this a good unit?

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    A BIG ball of string works well. (sorry) I did not know what you were inquiring about. Now I know.

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    Seems to have features I would want like Strobe Light and Floats. Check to see how easy it is to turn on, don't want it to easy and turn on accidentally, however you want to be able to easily turn on in a disabled state or with very cold fingers that don't work well.

    Is it programmed for the area she will be in (country) or does it need to sent off and additional fee paid for programming? What kind of battery life does it have, both stand by and in use? Those are a few things I would look into.
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    4.4 out of 5 is a pretty good Amazon score... and I'm sure those people know more about them than I.
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    For some reason, I could not open the link. But here's my opinion. An EPIRB is normally for Marine use, and sends out a beacon when activated in water. As a diver, I sometimes use diver charter services. Occasionally, a diver is missed or gets caught in a current and gets out of range of the boat. I carry a marine version of the one in the link. This one is pretty much a land based beacon. The only problem is that in most cases for the GPS function to work, a clear shot to the sky is required.

    ACR 2880 ResQLink PLB Personal Locator Beacon The GPS Store

    The above is the land based unit. The one below is the one I carry while diving.


    Hope this helps a little.
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    You might get some insight on technical differences between two different technologies here:


    And at the bottomis a link to the REI web site where you can compare the models they have for sale. You can compare those features against the Amazon model to get an estimate of how it stacks up.
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    For back country use I have a SPOT Tracker. I bought an older model New In Box off Ebay for under $20. I wouldn't suggest using a PLB primarily aimed at the marine market unless she was at sea.
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