Defense tip true?
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    Defense tip true?

    An ex army counter intelligence guy who was my police range master told me this privately. I'm wondering if anybody has had experience with it.

    If you ever tried to shoot a big bird in the breast, you know how useless it is unless you're throwing something pretty impressive at it.

    The RM told me that in the absence of something better, a good, old fashioned, well stuffed feather pillow (no polyester please) worked well as a bullet shield. Of course it's like getting hit with a sledge hammer, but it won't penetrate. (I once saw a local TV reporter take a .38 in the chest from 20 feet away - with a new vest - without knowing what he was getting himself into. It was kind of funny, watching him fly backwards screeching bloody murder!)

    So, anybody ever get shot in the feathers?

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    Re: Defense tip true?

    Used to kill Geese with #4 Bismuth Non-Tox Shot in 12 Gauge very regularly. Nothing really exotic about that. Take the Bullet Shield/Pillow of your choice out and shoot it with a Cardboard backing on it. I'll bet there will be holes in the CardBoard! Federal EFMJ should sail right thru it along with some of the more modern hollow points. This was probably true of many first generation Hollowpoints, but times and ammo have changed. You cannot count on what kind of ammunition your assailant(s) may be using. They may just use whatever el-cheapo FMJ they can get their hands on!

    Try it and let us know how it works. Please post pics!

    Beware the Gunshop and Range Commandos! Sometimes they do know what they are talking about, and then.................. :
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    Re: Defense tip true?

    That, as they say, is a myth.

    One of the gunwriters for a defense gun magazine did tests just like that because of Urban Legends just like this.

    He shot both pillows and mattresses with every known caliber. FMJ and JHPs of even the lowly .25ACP passed through all of these without appreciably slowing down. Distances were average bedroom length. Tried all these at the angles incountered in such an ordeal.

    If the pillow was really overstuffed then there might be a chance. I wouldn't take a chance on how much stuffing, if any, was needed for this. Playing " You Bet Your Life" is not something a wise person does.

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    Re: Defense tip true?

    I wear level III-A vest (have been since they came out) and I can tell you it hurts like hell if your hit, you can expect serious bruising, cracked, fractured or broken bones depending on where your hit in the vest, what your hit with and depending on the range you were hit from. It also hurts worse when your hit someplace your vest didn't cover.

    It isn't like in the movies...

    Tell the RM that you'd like to see him demonstrate it for you and the rest of those people at the range. Make sure there is a zip-rep nearby (LOL).
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