This is from a patriot friend of mine out West:

I was in a gun store in a different town a few weeks ago. Someone was trying to purchase 9mm ammo, which the store didn't have, and the clerk was decrying all the internet-driven hysteria that caused people to stock up on guns and ammunition. The clerk went on to claim that this buying spree by millions of people was stupid, as the government would NEVER pass laws to take away guns or ammunition, or infringe on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

My guess was that the clerk either lived under a rock, or was simply as opinionated as he was uninformed. He was angry with the people buying up guns and ammo in large quantities, which made his job more difficult. I then went to another gun store that just happens to be a major interstate distributor that advertises in Shotgun News. There was about an hour wait just to get to the counter, and parking was a challenge.

People were rolling their purchases out on hand trucks. According to the clerk at the other store, all these folks were nutz, and they were responsible for causing his problems with obtaining and selling ammo.

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