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Thread: Wet Shaving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisturner View Post
    Trimming? Hell, just grab those puppies and rip them out like a man.

    That is why they make those little 4" Vise-Grip pliers.

    As for shaving, I've been doing this for so many years that I KNOW exactly where my ears, nose and all critical stuff is, so I shave in the shower with a cheap disposable. Never even HEARD of a fogproof mirror until today.

    When I was trucking, I kept a rechargeable electric razor for those mornings when I just HAD to look a little bit better.
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    I do it all by feel in the shower. But I'm bald. Just a little patch on my chin. I have the Walmart brand 5 blade razor and I use Irish Spring.
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    Yes, I have a fairly sensitive beard and found that the disposables just ate my face up. I switched to using an adjustable safety razor many years ago. With a good brush, a very good razor, very good shaving soap and a proper aftershave I find that my shaves are quick, comfortable and baby butt close. I find that if one shaves with a more than small amount of hair growth (every other or third day in my case) that the razor does even better.

    It does take a little bit of learning to find the correct shave pattern for an individual's face but once that hurdle is surpassed it is easy peasy and there is no going back.

    I use a Vintage 1952 adjustable Gillette that has been platinum plated along with a fine Badger Hair Brush and Taylor of Old Bond Street soaps and aftershaves. The blades used are Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow Box. The blades last way longer than the usual disposables and cost so much less. I bought a bag of 100 blades when I first changed over and have not yet even come close to seeing the last of them. The soaps also last much longer too. I believe I have only bought three refills for my shaving soaps in all those years. (Much less than shaving creams in a can.)

    Give it a chance, take the time to learn how to do it properly and your investment in time and money will pay large dividends. There will be no going back. The only way to get a better shave is to have a properly trained barber do it for you in my opinion.
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