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Thread: Important scientific findings that will blow your mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PreacherRodgers View Post
    This study should only cost about 1.00. Wou can get kids to do the work for freeee.

    "Hay little kid do you want some candy."
    Careful with your "research" It could get you arrested.
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    Patience Grass Hopper. Lick it and it will come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rifleshooter View Post
    Thank you.

    Why is it that conservatives always want to groan and complain about the funding of scientific research? Do they not recognize the many benefits that have been realized by the public funding of research, or do they hate the numerous advances in industry and commerce provided by results of.studies?
    It's not just conservatives. Check out William Proxmire(D) and his Golden Fleece awards.

    Science and math are not well taught in our schools, and most colleges don't require much of those not on a technical track. So I think there is widespread misunderstanding of science and math.

    That said, there do seem to be a fair number of projects that are silly, not just silly sounding. Separating them takes more math (and attention) than many people are willing or able to spend.

    Also, look up MadKaw's Corollary to Godwin's Law.

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