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Thread: My Walmart Rant

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    My Walmart Rant

    As a country, we are at best mediocre (this is my opinion after two days of dealing with WallyWorld)
    As a little background, my son (30 y.o.) suffers from pulmonary embolisms, I've almost lost him on two occasions and he's been in ICU more times than I care to remember. Bottom line is, he knows his Doctor's number by heart and has a steady dose of scripts he has to take. (they've since installed a filter to catch the clots) he gets all of his scripts from Wally World

    This past Friday he made it though work, only to call me saying he think he got a touch of food poisoning from some chicken salad he purchased at a gas station. He struggles through the weekend, calling his Doctor on Sunday (Doc says it has to pass through the system and you don't want something that'll bind you up) and makes an appointment for Monday morning. Doc prescribes some anti nausea medication, still nothing to bind him up.
    He doesn't feel like he'd make the wally walk to the pharmacy, so he asked me to swing by his house on the way home to pick up the script and take it to walmart to fill.

    Enter Hell:
    To be fair, I do not shop at Walmart, other than my ammo buys.
    I walk over to the prescription "drop off" area and join the line.......23 minutes later I'm up. I give the script to the pharmacy assistant and he enters the information into the computer and tells me in broken English (speaking Creole for the most part) that it'll be ready in about thirty minutes.
    I start my stroll around, check out the ammo then walk around aimlessly, then I remembered my son needed dog food for his pup, so I went and picked up a big bag (he always buys the little bags and constantly has to stop and buy more) then I decide to pick up a RubberMaid type of container to hold the food in. I ask another employee where I might find the RubberMaid products. This young man speaks no... nada bit of english. WTH? where am I and how in the hell do I get out of here?
    I walk over to the phone counter and they must be giving something away, it's packed. I find another young man and ask him where are your RubberMaid Products, you know, trash cans, boxes? Once again in his finest Creole, I get the general direction and take off.

    Now, it's been about forty minutes into this Baptismal so I head back to the pharmacy and stand in the "pick up line" thirty minutes later I get a motion to come to the counter. I give her the info, name, rank, serial number and she proceeds to tell me "Mr. Drop Off" needs to see me. Back over to Mr. drop off and force my way to the front of the forty minute line.... what is it Mr. drop off?
    He tells me my son's Doctor is not registered with them. After a mild explosion, I calm down enough to say my son is on medication and has been getting his scripts here for two years.
    I ask him, what do we do? he replies with a shoulder shrug and asks me if I can call my son's Doc. I said I couldn't tell him if the Docs name was Smith or Jones, but did he think about looking at the script and calling the number listed? Mr. Drop Off thought this was genius and proceeds to make the call. He then informs me all is under control and it'll be about thirty minutes to fill the script. I tell him, this is not acceptable and the script goes to the front of the order line.
    He sees things my way and mumbles something about five minutes..................fifteen minutes later, he motions for me to come up to the counter, only to tell me he has one! And if I want it, it'll be $4.88 I said you'll be comping me that one pill and when can I pick up the balance? He said he'll put a rush order in and he should have it about 2:00 on Tuesday. I leave, amazed I haven't throttled anyone.

    Fast forward to Tuesday 4:00 I walk in, (it's pouring down rain) and pick up the script, the amount comes to $4.88 (I don't pick up on this) I run to the car, jump in and take off for the son's house (mind you, he's been on the toilet since Friday with his face in a trash receptacle) I catch a red light and the number $4.88 hits me like a ton of bricks, I tear open the bag and my suspicions were pill.

    I make a U turn.... back to hell I go. My son calls me asking if he should call my attorney and did I wound them with a wing shot or kill 'em (he doesn't know about the one pill yet), he just knows I've been gone forever. I tell him about the one pill and the phone goes dead......ut oh! The Diarrhea Desperado is coming to Wally World.
    I'm no slouch when it comes to chewing ass, it's my job and I'm damned good at it, but I've mellowed a tad..... let's say the Diarrhea Deperado didn't fall from from the tree and he's in his prime. Walmart is about to come unglued.
    As I'm chewing on the pharmacy manager like a starving pitbull, I notice there's a brawl going on over in the optical dept. This is better than my match, because this senior citizen is throwing punches at the clerk, I'm just verbally assaulting my opponent, although Mr. Senior Citizen is giving me some ideas.

    Security comes over to the optical department and escorts Mr. Senior Citizen away. Did I mention he was driving one of those buggy carts? Focus back on my issue at hand, as I'm about to come across the counter and rip out the pharmacist's adam's apple, I hear a partition from Lab Corp hit the ground... enter the Diarrhea Desperado and is he pizzed off. Lab Corp, the Pharmacy and the optical department clear out, not far, but out of range.
    Security is back and we're sizing them up and all of the sudden the manager shows up. He asked me if we could take a walk, I calm down and say sure, we take a walk out to the garden dept and I proceed to tell him the story I just told you. He apologizes and tells me he has a budget and a starting wage he can pay.... this is what he gets, then he goes on and tells me, because of the low wages in a couple of months his help starts stealing from him, so he has to get rid of them because he can't have thieves working for him. We shake hands and now he has me feeling more sorry for him than he does for me. Oh shoot! I forgot about my son....Lord don't let the police be there. We get back to the pharmacy and my son is chewing on the pharmacist where I left off, security is off to the side. I go up to my son and tell him it's time to go, he has his bag in hand, so they must have filled it. I told him he needs to find a different pharmacy and I for one, wouldn't be going back to that store. He said the pharmacist pretty much told him the same thing........ Now, lets see if we can find Mr. Senior Citizen.....what was up with that?

    Forget about that movie Idiocracy, they need to make another one called mediocrity, starring the Walmart crew.
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    I like WalMart.
    The prices are good and there is always free entertainment.
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    To long did not read.
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    Stuff like this is the norm for Wal-Mart. To their defense, when your business is that large is seems like part of the process. That being said causing people additional pain and suffering because someone can't get their head out of their ass is a shame. I'm sorry you guys went through that.
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    Well, I did read the entire post. And I must say; all things considered, you have excellent restraint, sir.
    I can surely understand your not wanting to go back to that particular Wally World!
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    Not long enough. I wanted more, especially when ya'll were being booked. Never had those issues however always found walmart pharmacy extremely slow. When we got a walgreens I switched over and have been very pleased. Can you do the internet pharmacy deal if you have no other local options?
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    If that was me, someone would have been rushed to the hospital with my foot broken off in their A.......I don't care about the excuses the managers offer. I pay for specific items and services and Dammit, you will provide them. I have a son with epilepsy and I'll be damned if some entry level pharmacist is going to be the cause of another hospital visit with my son for more stitches. I used to stop at a wally world on the way home from work to pick up my son's scripts. They got a new Pharmacist in and he was about on par with the idiot you encountered. The time frame was only 1 day, not several like you went through. I was removed from the store by police, no charges filed but I can never go back. My company now requires us to use mail order for any long term meds. Life has become so nice since then. I use two other wally worlds for ammo.
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    Wow! In their defense as long as Walmart is hiring those idiots at least the taxpayers are not responsible for their support entirely. I would be finding another pharmacy.
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    Now THAT was an entertaining story...!
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