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Thread: My Walmart Rant

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    I almost never go to a walmart and think about buying anything that will require interaction with the Wmart staff. Because I have learned the hard way that customer service is not their job , store service is. Typically when I go to look for ammo , will keep drifting around the store waiting for the right moment to ask the clerk to unlock the ammo/gun supplies/airsoft/bb cabinets - yep its all locked up. Never order something online to be picked up in the store unless you like bruises from hitting your head on all the brick walls in place to keep you from picking up your order. Never ask anything from the clerk working in a department about the things in their dept. Just basically talk to yourself is more fruitful. But the low prices and convenience are hard to beat. Just don;t go in expecting any kind of customer service.

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    Unfortunately, I have to take a lot of prescriptions also. But, no mater what the savings would be (and, we are not wealthy) I refuse to use the WalMart pharmacy. We used to use the Target pharmacy for years, but, after a rash of problems, we switched two years ago to Harris Teeter, which is a grocery store in our area (now owned by Kroger). Excellent service, on time, and, always in stock. And, the employees act as if they care about their customers. It makes a big difference.

    Sorry that you and your son had to go through all of that.
    I strongly support gun control, how else are you going to hit anything?

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    Walmart, regardless of the lower prices, is the prototype for mediocrity
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    My wallet loves mediocrity prices.
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    I'm glad I don't use them for rx...
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    Just remember that the the workers at walmart (while incompetent) are cheaper and nicer and more competent than the highly paid surly workers at the DMV.
    I believe in gun control! Starting with a firm 2 handed grip....

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    And people are always asking me why I go to walmart all the time but never buy any thing


    I just smile and tell them its better than any thing on tv

    it is ALWAYS better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.
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    I hate Safeway.
    Anyone else hate Safeway?
    Their cashiers are ugly.
    I once saw a Safeway employee who didn't comb their hair.
    Safeway color schemes are awful. They clash with my wardrobe.
    I hate those automatic vegetable sprayers, they scare me.
    Come to think of it, Albertsons isn't much fun either.
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    I go to Wally for the pricing, not for the intellectuals. That being said, the smartest folks at Wally better be in the pharmacy.
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    Well, my local Wal-Mart is staffed by at least 50% completely competent and knowledgeable people who can answer questions, or will actually lead you to the product you are looking for.

    We bought a bike for my son there to replace on that got stolen 2 years ago . Bought a copper colored beach cruiser with white wall tires.

    Son rode ity for about a week and complained about a pedal not being right.

    Turns out the bolt/ stem. threaded rod or whatever you want to call it was stripped out.

    WE carried the bike bak to get another one and the guy from the assembly dept says he has to check it first.

    I was thinking : "Great, some dumbass is gonna look at it and give me some sort of run around."

    The guy takes the bike to the back, come back out 15 minutes later with the bike which now has two new pedals, a new set of hand grips that match the pedal colors and looks better than the original grips, and has a brand new water bottle and bottle mount that he gives my son for his trouble.

    The guy says that the pedal was striped out, but the part it goes into wasn't. Even took a tap set and ran it through just to make sure the threads were clean of shavings from the pedal.

    I could tell you about 5 more stories of equal impressitivity ( G.W. Bush made that word up ) but you get the gist of it.

    So, 50 percent competent and knowledgeable staff who are also courteous. I am pretty sure it is only a mater of time before corporate finds out this store is 45% over competence capacity.
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