.45 colt rat shot vs .410 #9 bird shot
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    .45 colt rat shot vs .410 #9 bird shot

    Can anyone think of any good reasons why someone might choose .45LC rat shot over using .410 rat shot?
    ( Cabela's: CCI Pistol Shotshell Ammunition )

    Maybe the .45 rat shot shells were made before the .45/.410 guns (with the 2.5" and 3" chambers), which is my first thought, but other than that reasoning, can any of you think why the LC might be used over the .410? I guess they'd work better in a speed loader..

    I had forgotten about these types of shells until I ran across a couple .22LR rat shot shells earlier today in my late grandpa's box of misc crap. Which means now I have to buy a box of those for my .22 for shits and grins. (I also talked my brother into possibly getting a box for his 9mm)
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    If you are shooting rats in a barn, there is less shot (I would think) in the .45 Colt Rat Shot capsule than in even a 2 1/2" .410 shell and possibly less chance of damaging the barn, particularly with a metal skin on the barn. The shot capsule in the .45 colt shatters on the forcing cone. A 410 shell will have the shot in a flight controlled shot cup wad that will still have the shot bunched up at distances under 30 feet, and again cause more barn damage.

    I would think the main advantage for the .45 Colt ratshot, would be that it was designed to be shot in guns that were chambered only for .45 colt in the days before the Judge hit the market, and a lot of folks own handguns that will not shoot the .410 today..
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