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Thread: Can't Get 410 ga Shotshells into Taurus Judge Cylnder

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostHorse View Post
    If it's sticking out because the end of the .410 shell is wider than the rest of the shell and getting caught on the .45 Colt lip, cutting one down will tell you that's what's happening. Maybe.
    I think for now I'm gonna leave it as is. When I can get chance to ship it back I may just do so. Let the Taurus folks figure it out. I don't have nor plan to use .454 ammo so they can cut that rim down altogether as far as I care. We'll see but I CAN shoot 45LC and the SD shells like PDX1 so it's still useful.

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    They will not remove the step at the mouth of the 45 colt chamber because that step stops 454 rounds from being chambered. Also other rounds like the 460. They will tell you it is a ammo problem. Went over this with someone else few years ago. They did return his trigger pull to factory specs where he had had a action job done. He wasnt pleased with that either. That was when we started resizing just the crimped end of shells that didnt fit. He hand loaded but not for shotgun shells. So we found a shell holder and die that would squeeze the swell just enough to chamber with no problems.

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    Right. That step isn't the problem. As mentioned before, 45 is larger than 410. If you can chamber most 410, and 45, and shoot both, nothing should be mechanically wrong with the gun. Remember the diameter of the bullet.

    Buy new 410 shotshells, with shot, not slugs. I bet you a dollar to a beer they'll fit, and it's just your old rounds that hang up. You should be able to run them up into about 45 caliber crimp die and have it put a taper on them. 45 Colt vs 45 ACP I'd probably choose the 45 ACP because of the taper crimp, I think it would be easier to get any taper you need into them. That should be the only real difference to both 45 Colt or ACP.45 Colt should have a roll crimp, ACP will be taper crimp

    It's the ammo's fault. Not the gun's. I know it's the instinct because "it's Taurus" but their wheel guns are relatively good

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