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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuco_Ramírez View Post
    I hope you brought eye protection, because you're about to witness what a truly ugly revolver looks like, the revolver which will henceforth become your new benchmark for ugly revolvers...

    Witness the pure aesthetic abomination that is the LeMat Centerfire Grapshot Revolver!

    Ironically, the LeMat Revolver was basically the 1800's equivalent of the Taurus Judge, albeit unlike the Judge, the LeMat Revolver wasn't chambered in .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore Shotshells, but rather .40cal with a secondary 20 Gauge Barrel. Originally it was a percussion cap revolver, but it was later chambered for metallic cartridges, which is the variant pictured.

    Suddenly, the Judge doesn't quite so bad, does it?
    Oh that's sooooo bad...!! Although from New Orleans I'm sure M LeMat had French ancestry, hence the non-aesthetics of this pistol. I would like to see the forerunner of this, the 'mother gun'.. as only a mother could love this one..!!

    Up to seeing the Judge it was my belief that a Webley Mk IV was an ugly gun.. I stand corrected.
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