No love for the raging judge?
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Thread: No love for the raging judge?

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    No love for the raging judge?

    Hey everyone I recently pick up a 3" raging judge and did a brief search to see what ammo everyone is using and any customization or operating issues I should be aware of and I'm not seeing much on here at all. Where are all raging judges at?
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    Love the Raging Judge ! Can't afford it though.
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    I contemplated getting a Raging Judge for a bit, but ultimately ended up getting the Judge Magnum instead because it was significantly cheaper and more suitable for my intended role as a Home Defense firearm.

    The Raging Judge is too expensive and the weight seems excessive, although it most likely helps to mitigate recoil as a fringe benefit. Lastly comes the issue of what niche it fits into, it's too powerful for Home Defense and arguably too heavy to serve as a Trail Gun, so what does it offer which cannot be offered by other firearms at a significantly lower price? That's just my perspective though, firearms are ultimately what the shooter makes of them, so if you can tow that bad boy around in the woods, then more power to you, it definitely has the utility to excell as a Wildness Defense firearm if you can handle the weight.

    That being said, if nothing else I'll bet it makes for a killer range gun! Not only does it look very impressive, but it probably shoots .410 shotshells and .45 Long Colt like a dream, and the fireball that erupts from the shorter barrel when .454 Casull is asight to behold.



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