Does the Circuit Court Judge Have a Wider Patern than Other 410s
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Thread: Does the Circuit Court Judge Have a Wider Patern than Other 410s

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    Does the Circuit Court Judge Have a Wider Patern than Other 410s

    My arthritic, 64 year old mum really wants to go turkey hunting and whilst she owns a Winchester SXP 12ga for duck hunting I don't know if she'd ever be confident enough to shoot 3in turkey loads since even I find them pretty "exhilarating" as far as recoil goes.

    Supposedly Federal TSS loads in .410 are good turkey-stoppers and I think a Circuit Court Judge would strike her fancy if I bought her one as a gift, especially to facilitate finally getting a turkey. But before I commit I want to know if the rifled barrel of the CCJ, even with the special "reverse-rifled choke" for .410 loads is going to open the pattern to the point it won't work for turkeys and I should hope she can handle 2.75in turkey loads in her SXP or if it'll perform like any other .410 and with practice will get her a turkey if she does her part. I think it being lighter and less recoiling will also get her to practice more.

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    Using a Circuit Judge for Turkey hunting..Wow - never thought of using it for that. I currently don;t own one, but have shot a few. The shot pattern still disburses too much past 25 feet to get a good hit, using normal birdshot. Not sure about the TSS loads. But would be a great range review if you decide to try. Hopefully one of our members with actual hunting experience using the CCJ will weigh in. Personally I would stick with a smooth bore 410 or 20 using turkey shot.

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    I think there are much better choices for scatterguns to hunt birds with than the CCJ. A nice little pump in 410 with a full choke (for the application you asked about) would be better. Henry and Marlin, maybe others, make a lever action 410. I know the Henry has changeable chokes.
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