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    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Salt View Post
    Flash 60601;
    The purpose of using a shot wad w the 0000 buckshot is to increase the dia of the projectile load.
    0000 buckshot (norm dia 0.384”) sized to 0.358” & inserted into a shotwad has a final OD of 0.429”.

    Just loading the 0000 buckshot in the case with an over powder wad makes a projectile load OD of 0.384”.

    With a barrel ID of 0.452, the shot wad load (0.492 OD) fills the barrel better than the load without the shotwad (0.384 OD) reducing shot mis-alignment in the bore, reducing the shot pattern size. Or at least that is the idea behind it.

    Yes, I am hearing much about the properties of 4227 from several sites. Been trying to find something to use it on. Picked it up by accident several years back.

    I have also tried Unique in a couple of loadings and may try some Unique loads again. Not much loading data foe Unique in 410s. Folks say it is Too Hot for 410s. That said, the Judge does not act like a normal 410 shotgun which has a 410 chamber & barrel because it has a 45 cal chamber & barrel. Therefore Unique loads may work well. Will have to evaluate loads based upon felt recoil (as compared to factory 45 LC loads) & IV.

    Thx to all for your comments. They always make me re-think the subject. Additional comments always welcome.

    Old Salt,

    That idea of using the shot-wad makes perfect sense as to filling the bore with projectiles enclosed in wad. The wad thus used will accommodate the bore quite well, I'd think. I wish I knew more about the wad you are using. The question of "what kind of base" is on the plastic wad may have a bit to do with dispersion of projectiles ( blown pattern). Does the wad have a cupped base that will adequately seal the powder gasses in the barrel, and prevent the gasses from blowing by the side of the wad?

    The condition that will permit passage of gasses will contribute more to blown pattern than most other items in the load. That's why I favor the upside-down gas-check in my 38/357 snake loads. It contains the gas, preventing blown patterns and by containing the gas provides a better combustion and consequent pressure for consistent velocities and overall contribution to desired results.

    As for Unique being a "shotgun" powder, in this instance, I don't think it much matters what it is or is not called. You're propelling solid (albeit several ) solid projectiles out of brass cases. LOOK AT RIFE AND ISTOL DATA FOR THAT CTG/WEIGHT COMBINATION.If it does not exceed pressures for which your firearm is designed and built, what matter the number or shape of the projectile, or if it is in a wad or not? Look at your 45 LONG COLT load data, consider the total projectile weight, and then see if there is a recommended Unique loading for that combination.

    I load the 38/357 snake loads with Bullseye which is a faster burning powder than Unique, and my process involves the gas check seated directly on the powder with some pressure.

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    Now I’ve found you here. Sent a pm, but will post much here for everyone.

    The shot wad I’m using has a cupped base. I have cut a 90 deg length window out of a 444 case to see how the components line up inside and how much capacity is left for powder.

    I cut over shot wads/cards from coffee / butter containers using a sharpened 444 case in my drill
    press. I use a 44 mag bullet seating die to press them into the 444 cases, crimp then seal with silicone caulk or hot glue.

    like you I see the 3 sized 0000 buckshot more as a bullet load not a shot load. Nice to get a confirming opinion. So I will refer to
    my load manuals for a 252g 45 LC bullet loading with Unique and work it up. Will report my results.

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    this post has got me thinking about the loads I was playing with. I was using 460 mag shells resized tighter and using 451 lead balls as a starting point. the balls were either hit with a hammer to flatten spots on the top and bottom then pressed into a 45 colt case and then pulled back out to get 139 grain "bullets" with rounded nose flat tip with small flats on the sides. 3 of these make a very heavy 415 grain load. I only tested over 10gr of 296 in a 460 mag shell but they felt rather weak in recoil. was planning on testing 12gr, 13gr, 14gr, 15gr loads but didn't get around to it. I didn't use any shot cups as the soft lead expands and seals in the barrel and grip the rifling.
    the other attempt was using a 40S&W shell to cut the edge off the 451 balls then flatten and shape as above to make 123gr projectiles. 3 at 369gr is a better weight.


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