The Exchange (PX or BX) has Blackhawk Holster for 1/2 price
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    The Exchange (PX or BX) has Blackhawk Holster for 1/2 price

    This is aimed at military or vets like me who can shop at The Exchange. I ordered a BlackHawk CQC SERPA Holster Taurus Judge Rightfrom The Exchange. They are closing them out at 1/2 price.

    They had 4 until I ordered mine. I plan to use it to carry on the property to zap crawly rattlesnake varmints on my property with my Judge.
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    I have one, they are a nice holster.

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    I have one and did pick it up at a BX in Colorado. Like you mentioned, it was 1/2 price. As a side note I have the Blackhawks QDS and have carried it on a Blackhawk platform though it normally is on a paddle. It looks "nerdy cool" on the platform.

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    I have one for the Sigma and one for the PT92. They are serviceable, retention is as promised, and I prefer to use the paddle as it can be positioned without regard for where my pants have the belt-loop.

    I'm not sure my pants could bear-up (pun intended) bearing the weight of a "Judge", even with belt AND suspenders.
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