BACON - NOT a joke - Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread on sale Friday 5/31 only
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Thread: BACON - NOT a joke - Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread on sale Friday 5/31 only

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    BACON - NOT a joke - Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread on sale Friday 5/31 only

    NOT a joke:


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    Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

    $18.99 $28.00 32% off List Price

    This is it.

    Congratulations, humanity. We've simultaneously hit our peak and nadir.
    Pack it in, folks. I honestly don't know where we can go from here. Spreadable bacon? What other frontier could be left?
    You might see a simple jar of Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread, but you're not looking hard enough. You need to really SEE what's there. And what's there is a blend of bacon, onion, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and spices. Are you reading these words? BACON. SPREAD. This is what the singers sang of. This is what Einstein struggled to predict. We've finally come to the point where salted pork products, known since the dawn of time as the tastiest of all products to ever exist, are spreadable. On bread.
    The flip side of the coin is stuff like spreadable bacon kind of makes it easy to see why America's in the shape it's in. I mean, you can't say we've got anything left to strive for. There's no reason to fight, no reason to yearn or dream or struggle. We have spreadable bacon. Where the hell else could we go from here?

    Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Original Flavor, 10.5 oz.
    It all started with the original flavor bacon spread. A tasty blend of bacon, onion, brown sugar, balsamic and spices. Try it on a burger, with a baked potato, on grilled cheese sammy, and even as a base for vinaigrette.
    Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Fennel and Black Pepper, 10.5 oz. Jar
    A slightly more savory bacon spread with a clear aromatic fennel and black pepper overtone. Delicious with roasted vegetables, pasta, seafood or grilled paninis.

    (I have NO INTEREST in either WOOT or this product)
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    ....with a little Easy Cheese and some Pork Rinds......
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    Spread that between two slices of ham with some swiss cheese and you have a meal, or a heart attack.
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    Long-term shtf Spreadable Bacon....ahhhhhh
    Long Term Food Guy

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    Why do i feel kinda like Homer simpson?
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    Soory TD but bacon ain't bacon unless it's CRISPY!!!!

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    $28 for fake bacon! The same people that pay $3 for a bottle of water will be buying this one.
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    i will put it next to my pet rock

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    Nice idea, but I gotta have the real thing!
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