The Cajun Detective
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Thread: The Cajun Detective

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    The Cajun Detective

    The Louisiana State Police had gotten wind that illegal cock fights were becoming big in the rural areas around Lafayette. They decided to send in Boudreaux, their best undercover detective. Boudreaux spent several weeks doing surveillance and came back to headquarters to report the results of his investigation.

    Boudreaux say, "Der is tree main group in dis cock fightin' bisness." "Who are dey?", his Sergeant asked. Boudreaux replies, "De Aggies, De Cajuns, an de Mafia."

    "How you know?", asked the sargeant? "Well," says Boudreaux, "I done seen da cock fight, Cher. I knowed da Aggies was involve when a duck was entered in de cock fight."

    "What about the others?" questioned the Sergeant. "Well, I knowed da Cajuns was involve when sumbody bet on da duck. You know dem Cajuns, dey drink too much an say 'Aw, what da hell?', an dey'll do anyting dats kinda crazy."

    "Mais, Boudreaux," axed the Sergeant, "How you know da Mafia's involve too?"

    Boudreaux say, "Dat's de easiest part. De damn duck won !!"
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    Kennedy should have bet on de duck wif Jack Ruby!



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