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Thread: Essential Oils For Men Now Available

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin thunder View Post
    Blendzall! When I first read this, I thought of Blendzall, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember the name. I knew it started with a B and had a Z in it. That stuff is still around.
    Lord, I'm getting old!
    Yeah, you can still get it but not in the gold can......sorta' takes some of the coolness out of it. I'm not sure it's the same formula either but it's prob'ly still the best. Pretty rural here and before the internet, we were way behind most of the country when it comes to access. For a long time, I could only get Castrol R from a regional distributor and had to buy it by the case. I had to drive about a 100 mile round trip to get Blendzall from the nearest European bike shop, a Maico dealer. The only other option was catalog mail order but even that was skimpy in those days.

    None of the area Japanese bike shops handled anything for off road or racing in general......nothing but candyass trims and trinkets. It wasn't really until around the '80s, that the shops began stocking off road bikes. Before that, there was no test riding or even looking at a bike before you bought it, they had to be special ordered. Even then, all they had were the bikes and usually only one of each displacement, no parts, accessories, gear or performance products. Kind of a paradox, I suppose. Even though out here in the sticks was the best place to ride a dirt bike, it was the worst place to own one.

    It was easy to tell who was running Gold, especially with the Yammies and Suzukis. The octane booster (what was commonly called nitro in the pits) discolored the yellow plastic tanks to a brownish color, it was less noticeable on the Kaws and Hondas but it does it to all plastic. That's part of the reason I never went back to it after I quit racing. For playriding, I just ran the Maxxim castor and mixed leaded and unleaded gas to get the octane boost without the discoloration. It worked but not nearly as well as runnin' Gold.
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    CLP for the morning after shave, then a bit of Froglube for that afternoon minty pick me up. Followed by an evening of Ballistol to fend of the flys and other things you wish would hang just a bit farther away. For that special time with your honey, good ole trailboss powder smoke from a lazy revolver round always gets em going....................Did you think I was talking about a shameless fartverts...

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    They need to ban essential oils, or as I call them "non-essential oils". Some ladies at church seem to think that stuff is body wash. Sometimes I have to leave. Can't handle it.
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