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    I've doubled up inside before but usually I just wear one or the other.....the foam earplugs are so good that I've fallen asleep in them before with my grandson crying pretty loudly in the next room.
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    I have a pair of custom molded silicone ear plugs the company provided through one of their safety programs. I had to go to hearing aid dispensing dealer to have them molded they have a cord to join them together so that you can take them out and let them hang around you neck when you don't need them. They work pretty well and they are cleanable.
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    I named this thread considering the size of foamies vs muffs and wanted to ditch the muffs for smaller ear protection. I really wasn't expecting so many use both. Now I'm considering if I should be doubling up, although I really don't like foamies. I had Bell's Palsy last year and my right ear is still a little weird at times.
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    Doubling up is the smart way to go. As mentioned in a previous post, look for decibel rating...higher the better. Keep your hearing.
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    I've doubled up from the start. I had one experience that took me back to earlier days as a Ramones fan. Been doubling up ever since and look for the highest DB block available. May look at electronics in the future but right now I feel well protected in the hearing dept. for a fair price!
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    I usually don't double up, although it is a good idea. Both my wife and I prefer the multi-flange type earplugs over the foam. I find that
    not only do they work better for me, they are far more comfortable, easier to use, and last much longer. I can usually find the Peltors
    for about $6 at Wally World.

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