The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-
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Thread: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-

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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-

    at the range today.
    I took all six guns to a private range today and had a good time scoring well with each one.

    I asked my host to evaluate the trigger on the three hammer-fired handguns.
    He said the 1911 is perfect.
    The CZ trigger is light and has the tiniest hesitation at the break point. It tends to fire a little soon.
    (The CZ is designed for carry and demands your full attention.)
    The revolver's SA trigger is so sensitive that it should not be carried. (I agree about that.
    It is a target model, with adjustable sights. I have to be very careful with it.)

    When I paid enough attention and held steady I did well, planting most of the shots in the 2-inch
    black at seven yards.The bad came when I flinched. AAARG!!!

    The ugly showed up when I tried Monarch brass in the pt-111, my usual carry.
    About ten percent would jam the bullet at the chamber and the base under the breech.
    It was as if the slide never got back far enough to catch the next round,
    or the rounds didn't have enough spring tension under them to shove up.
    I dimly remember Monarch aluminum going through slick as boiled owl ---- some time ago.

    The 24/7c didn't lke Federal ammo too much, doing its funny FTEject now and then. The Win NATO
    rounds went well. The 1911 fed hollow-points very nicely.

    I'll be paying special attention to the pt-111 and its mags tonight.

    I hope I didn't bore you with all this.
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    Not boring.
    Range reports - good, bad or ugly - add to the knowledge of all.
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    Your posts are never boring, sir!

    I always enjoy reading about your adventures on the range.

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    The bottom line is that we had a good time and it was a pretty day! I think bre was standing next to me, without hearing protection, when I touched off that Rossi 45-70!

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    Thanks for sharing, maybe i need to log a little more range time, and share it, not a bad idea......
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    Sounds like a great shooting outing. That CZ trigger, if like mine, doesn't like to be pulled like a crisp breaking 1911 trigger. In my case the CZ pistol trigger works better with a deliberate pull through, which takes a bit of practice since it is not a heavy trigger pull. If I pull my CZ trigger like a 1911, all I get is a light drag then break when I might or might not expect it. Once practiced with the light and deliberate pull through on the CZ trigger, it works very well indeed.
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    Sounds like you had fun Sir, and too read about your day at the range or anybody elses day at the range is never boring.
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