Sorry if this is the wrong section but I finally found some HP ammo online for a not completely STUPID price, wanted to pass it on.

They have it going for 18.00 dollars a box with a 10 day delay time right now, and palmetto was going on a 14-21 day delay a few days ago so at least that means they're catching up to all their orders.

And this is the only JHP ammo I've been able to find for 50/box for under 20 bucks.

It's still double the price it normally goes for, I've ordered this ammo from them before at around like 9 bucks a box if i remember right, but in the age of hording, this is as good as its gonna get if you dont reload. i've got over 1300 rounds of FMJ at the house but i only had like 20-30 rounds left of this HP ammo in the safe so i just picked up 2 more boxes of it.

It cycles through my G2s no problem but sadly i never got the chance to take my G3 out to the range and run this ammo through the gun before the corona virus shut everything down, but if there's anyone looking for some self defense ammo, grab it before its gone!