Primary Arms sale
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    Primary Arms sale

    I received an email from Primary Arms that contains a "flash sale" on stocks. Why do these companies always have sales when I don't have the money!

    Anyway, I took a look and they had the exact Magpul stock and pistol grip I wanted and was able to save $12+/- on the 2 items. And the UPS shipping on them was $8. I don't know if you price much Magpul furniture but it tends to not be discounted much so I felt this was a pretty good price. Damn the lack of money, full speed ahead! New parts will be on the way soon.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with PA, other than being a satisfied customer.

    PS: no credit was used in this purchase...just tightened the belt a little for the next week.

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    I got that one also...the SB pistol braces were vaporized.
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