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Thread: Article: The 10 Best Guns for Older Shooters

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    Rank agism. There are old people with very different physical and mental abilities. I bet that I can shoot a higher score with my 10mm 1911 than 99% of the snowflakes on your typical college campus could with an Olympic grade .22.

    And so could you!

    Sure, if you have arthritis, or other infirmity, take that into account, but blame the infirmity not your age.
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    Age is a human assigned NUMERICAL TAG assigned to each individual.

    Gun choice should be made on the shooters "abilities" and willingness to "train" and spend both "time" and "money" on said training.

    Owning a guitar doesn't make you a Rock Star; neither does owning a gun make you a "gun fighter".
    One must put out the effort to train...which includes lots of dry fire.

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    I got old.
    I didn't plan on it.
    It just happened.

    I believe age is irrelevant.
    What matters is your physical condition and mental status.

    I am 75.
    I know people my age that can leap tall buildings with a single bound and are sharp as a tack..
    I know people my age that have been dead for 20 years (they are beginning to smell a bit odd too)
    and they also have trouble remembering what shoe laces are for.
    I need a cane to walk. That does not affect my shooting.
    I am now blind in my left eye and my right eye is slowly forgetting what it's purpose is.
    Because of that I have sold all my reloading equipment as I really don't want to blow myself up.
    However I still shoot regularly at our local indoor range using any caliber I want, even with arthritis,
    which almost everyone has when they get a bit older. It hurts a bit. Well, so does life. I also use a red dot a lot.
    What really worries me is those folks that slowly lose their mental functions, especially when it is
    hard to notice and/or diagnose before it becomes obvious.
    The first time I forget what toilet paper is for I'm sending all my firearms to our son. If I can remember who he is.
    They say age is a state of mind.
    Bull. Pucky.
    While I feel pretty good and get around and continue to shoot and do yard work etc. I also realize that
    limitations are creeping up on me.
    You can still be happy and productive (and good looking) in your senior years but recognizing that
    your capabilities are changing is a needed skill.
    I will shoot until I can't do it safely. Then I will quit. That's probably not too far in the future.
    I don't really put much credence into an article written by someone that writes for a living and is probably 27 years old.

    Oh more thing.
    GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!
    Life is short.
    Make sure you spend as much time as possible
    on the internet arguing with strangers about politics.

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    First of all, Cheaper than Dirt. They give lie to their name. Second; I wonder who they polled. 870? 6.5? I'm no spring chicken, but to look in my safe, you will find 12g, 30-06, 30/30, .357, 45 and so on. As you will with most of my "seasoned" friends. They must have written the article as an editorial for the New York Times.
    Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
    I love my country, but I fear my government.
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