Uber driver found not guilty despite planting knife in hand of deceased
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Thread: Uber driver found not guilty despite planting knife in hand of deceased

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    Uber driver found not guilty despite planting knife in hand of deceased


    Prosecutors painted a scenario in which Kim was so drunk that he fell asleep in the vehicle. They said Hancock took advantage of it and drove around while he lay in the car unconscious to increase his fare.

    They suggested that he then planted a knife in Kim's hand - which he admitted - to stage it as if they'd been fighting.
    Hancock's defense was that he legitimately feared for his life and that the fight began when Kim made an unwanted sexual advance on him.

    His lawyers told the jury that he resisted Kim, telling him he was not interested, but that he proceeded to touch his leg in an inappropriate way.

    They claimed that Kim became aggressive when he was rejected and that he started punching Hancock and grabbing him by his dreadlocks.
    The knife, they said, was placed in his hand by the driver because he wanted to 'check if he was alive'.

    Hancock took the stand claiming he feared for his life

    The jury was not given an option of a lesser charge and instead had only to decide on the count of first degree murder which Hancock faced.
    They acquitted him. He was taken back to the Downtown Detention Center where he will be processed and released from jail.
    His family cheered in court and hugged while Kim's widow leaned her head forward onto one of the backs of the court benches and sat quietly.

    Kim's blood alcohol level was .308 - nearly four times the legal limit.
    Prosecutors said Kim had no history of behaving inappropriately towards Uber drivers in the years that he had used the app.
    And of course the news media, whether in the US or the UK, has to report totally irrelevant stuff.

    Hancock had a history of traffic infractions.

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    This is precisely why I never go to Denver.
    The Uber drivers there are crazy.
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    Incredible...those prosecutors should be fired.
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    Sad to say the least!



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