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Thread: Anyone looking for a 1911?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BangBang View Post
    What caused the scratched up space in front of the hammer and above the ambi safety? You could probably rub that out with any of the stainless steel cleaners/polishers


    Pretty sure that's just oil/grease on the slide?
    course I appreciate the advice about correcting it IF it is a blem but in all honesty I carry weapons as tools and while I take care of them I don't polish my guns, hammers , screwdrivers, etc.
    if it doesn't improve performance then I likely ain't polishing anything, course I never ever get invited to the Famous Texas bar b ques either.
    the main reason that I bought a stainless as opposed to the blue was there was like a 10-20 dollar difference and I felt the Stainless would hold up better under use than the blue.
    The gun came with polished flats and matte rounds.
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    I purchased a Rock Island 1911 in 9 mm and am very pleased with it. It was purchased in April of this year.

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