Excellent customer service from Sig
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Thread: Excellent customer service from Sig

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    Excellent customer service from Sig

    My gun dealer friend purchased my red box Sig P320, while shooting it the extractor blew out. I asked him what kind of ammo he was using ( his answer: I don;t know just using a mix of old ammo from a mason jar) I advised him that pistol is designed to blow out the extractor during a high pressure event. Even though he thought it was all factory ammo, he wasn;t sure what kind. He owns scads of firearms and out of all of them this redbox Sig and the PPQ I sold him are his favorites for carry. SO I advised him for a carry gun I would be sure to use known factory ammo during range time.
    I called Sig and explained the situation, they gave me a bit of grief about not knowing what kind of factory ammo, but sent me the return label. It took two days to get there, they had it for three days and back to me in two days. One week turn around for warranty repair. Now that is Customer Service!

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    That pretty much lines up with my experience with Sig. Really good service, and they got me my gun back fast.

    Does that seem concerning that the gun is designed to blow out the extracter if it is of a certain pressure? This renders the gun useless, which could cost you your life in a self defense situation. You could be using even factory +P ammo, and possibly lose your extracter....not good.
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    Same here!
    Sig , Beretta and CZ has always been top notch in customer (ME) satisfaction.
    I had a front tritium sight go black on a say 3 a year old CZ SP-01, this isn't even their sight but is used on the weapon from the factory.
    called , told the guy what happened, he asked did you drop it on like the concrete or anything, I said nope it was just dimmed out when I took it to shoot.
    he sent me a free label, dropped it in the FED-X bin, a week later got it back to the door step with new sight and a nice note showing charge zeroed out and hand written "thank you for being a valued customer" on it.
    Sig when I called about buying a new flat spring recoil spring as my 238 with the older round spring, the guy on the phone said heck we ain't gonna let you do that, give me your address and I will send you one, actually he sent me 2 in the mail about 3-4 days later.
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