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It is up to all of us to educate our younger generations about simple world history of failed forms of supreme govt. control and how every such supreme govt. came to power by banning firearms and ammo to the general public.

The scary part is, this should have been taught in public schools to everyone of them. It happened so gradually that even a lot of teachers didn't see it.
And some things preceded the banning of guns by the totalitarians: in Russia a revolution was fought, between the Whites and Reds. And there were famines when both sides would come into a village, and declare them to be aiding the enemy.

Then they would shoot the livestock, and steal all the foodstuffs; and shoot some of the fighting age men, who refused to join them. The people could not fight back, and millions of them died from starvation. Now that is something that is not taught in schools, and ask any teacher to tell you about the Ukrainian famine. They don't know about it.

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I was in the Gun Business when we had to log out every single box of Pistol ammo and check for age , it was a real pain for sure.
and honestly I see no way that helped with anything as to safety or control?
I don't remember exactly but I do believe this was a Federal law and not State?
It is done for eye service, so that people can see that "something is being done". It is a cynical way of doing things. President Reagan did away with any federal rule that ammo be logged. And I do not think that it has been re-instated.