Would you really trust your life to your Taurus pistol?
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Thread: Would you really trust your life to your Taurus pistol?

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    Would you really trust your life to your Taurus pistol?

    Just wondering if you would trust your life and the lives of your family to your Taurus pistol. What do you think? Fun range toy or family protector?

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    Wall-e you are jumping in to a tank of sharks asking that on this forum, but it is an honest question and should be replied to with the same honesty. The answer is yes , but I would trust only select models: My opinion take it for what it is worth.
    PT92 one of Taurus's most trusty pistols
    Most of the revolver line - 85,605,617,66,65,627,trackers in centerfire calibers, Judges and probably several more I am forgetting
    G2C - IMO trusty at least up to 5000 rounds
    PT1911 - once you verify after a few hundred rounds, then good for your lifetime
    PT738 - a proven 380 - imo at least for 2-3000 rounds

    The 809/TH9 series is too new to hazard an opinion
    Spectrum - I didn't like it or think it was reliable enough- However others have had amazing results.
    TX22 - still too new, but I have read two reviews that have it running well past 5000 rounds.

    I am sure I left out other models, but I think Taurus makes several firearms that I would trust with my life.
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    I'll say this; when my daughter and her fiancee were being threatened by a stalker with a reputation for having firearms on hand, I loaned them my TCP.

    This is not theoretical; she is my flesh and blood. I see him as the same. They had at least one full size handgun, but I slept better knowing they had another option if they needed it.

    Oh, and I quickly bought myself another, because I didn't like being without one. And I regard my PT740 as one thing, and one thing only; a very effective, reliable, accurate tool. I am somewhat sentimental about some of my firearms, but my TCP and PT740 are pure, effective tools of defense.
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    I have and will continue to do so. My G2 is an excellent carry package and I shoot it well. 12 +1 with a P226 magazine as backup should afford all of the protection that I need.
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    Really depends on the model.
    G2S or G2C? Yes!
    PT92? Yes!
    Taurus PT1911? Yes!
    Spectrum? Ahhhh Haaaaaiiiiil no!
    Revolvers are a mixed bag. Some yes, some no (more yes than no).
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    I would and have trusted my Taurus Judge Magnum for Home Defense.

    Ultimately, there's no valid reason not to trust a weapon which you have tested and confirmed to be reliable, regardless of what the overall reputation of the brand may be, and the reverse is true as well.

    Lastly, while there is an unfortunate amount of folks out there who apparently lack the necessary common sense to understand a simple concept such as this, regardless of what the reputation of a brand may be on the internet, it can only realistically be so bad, otherwise nobody would buy anything with said brand name attached to it and thus it would ultimately go away.
    Funny how so many folks on firearms forums preach about how you can't believe/trust everything you hear, (sometimes to the point of paranoia) yet apparently they trust the word of every account of how someone knew a guy whose father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate once owned a Taurus which was unreliable or even unsafe.
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    I trust my PT145 and PT1911SS. Both extremely reliable and proven. Still carry them some, and they do nightstand duty sometimes. And they are still fun at the range.
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    92AFS, and a stainless 66 (older, 6-shot) 357 - - - YES, absolutely. And the 66 goes with me way more than any of my S&W's do, anymore.

    The 66 goes with me when I go to the woods - always. Maybe a 22 might "go along for the ride", but it is surprising how that Taurus has made itself more at home than some who have been here fifty years.


    Edited to add: " Yes, I do carry KelTecs - EDC. They're small, light and easily concealed. . . . Doggone it, I'm 81, and I hobble enough as it is. Those Tauruses are HEAVY, and BULKY. One of them hanging on my belt would likely tip me over entirely now. But better guns I doubt I'll ever find. Reliable and accurate, and easy for me to hit exactly with. They are now fun-guns - range more than real-world utility. Wish my carcass aged as well as the Tauruses. "
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    ...I only carry Kel-Tecs.
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    On a daily basis, PT 99 in a CQB on the right hip, double mag holder on the left, 46 rounds which should be 44 more than I need. But life can be unpredictable.

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