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Thread: Popular rifle calibers

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Size:  1.49 MBMy prefered caliber for hunting whitetail is a toss up. I have used my 30-30 lever action and my 30-06 bolt action. If hunting fairly local I prefer my 30-30 if hunting up in Tioga County bring my 30-06. Both get the job done.
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    When people in the store ask me what is the best gun to buy, I have two answers:
    1. It's the one you shoot best.
    2. It's the one you have with you.

    Seems to me those are the correct answers to this form of the same question. We fret too much about the small stuff. Get out there and burn some ammo. You'll have fun and you'll become a better shot. And that will go a long way toward making your gun more effective.
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