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Thread: Home invasion defense plan?

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    Well, I have a pencil ready. If there's more than three of them, though, I may be in trouble.

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    I'm armed and I plan on surviving. If I wake up the next morning, my plan worked.
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    My plan is not as detailed as yours, but here is some basic information around our area and what my current options are. I live in Texas, Castle Doctrine rocks here (good thing for home owner defending themselves). I have many guns and positioned all throughout the house, all loaded and chambered. Two pistols are smaller caliber that my wife can shoot (she is tiny). Home surveillance system to view outside all sides of the home, but no alarm. We are both mid fifties and currently our only dog is deaf and small (lost my big beautiful Lab to bone cancer - sad). I basically have a gun or two in each room including kitchen. Not that we wish to use them besides target shooting but we're ready. Most are pistols from .25 ACP through .45 ACP and a 12 gauge self defense shotgun with 00 buckshot.

    Bottom line as a 'victim' many years ago when a home invasion was attempted (they did not get in) and I as a responsible parent (guns all locked away with gun locks, unloaded, inside locked cases, etc.), I made so many mistakes. Guns all in one area, keys on the opposite side of the house and someone trying to kick in my front door. I was way too slow calling 911 and just should have let my dogs (I had two larger dogs then) immediately inside the house. That was over 15 years ago. Today our plan is:

    1) Arm ourselves immediately
    2) Access the threat and call 911 simultaneously
    3) Keep the house dark, lights off as we know the insides, they don't (if night time). If daylight, find a defense posture/place and camouflage yourself (meaning if behind a table as an example, lay your barrel or handgun where you're ready to fire and NOT move. Hunters understand the no movement, don't give yourself away. Utilize the surprise shot as your advantage, don't give them a chance to have free reign to your house. If you make yourself known do it with a gunshot aimed their way instead of "I've got a gun" statement. A gunshot states your are for real, armed and serious. Most robbers will haul ass.

    Most robberies around here (my neighborhood is safe but surrounding areas...) daytime kick the door in home invasions. Seems to happen to people at work, no neighbors see it (what?)! Some have happened in the evening, 9:30 pm timeframe. Those folks would end up shot here.

    I am a US Navy Veteran, 26 years active duty. I do not want to shoot a person but come into my home under home invasion circumstances and it will suck to be you. I also legally carry concealed but that is N/A here.

    Final comment, I do also own a SALT gun, a .68 caliber military grade pepper spray/teargas gun. I originally bought it for my mid 80's parents for stoppable but non-lethal defense but at the last moment they changed their gift ideas. I never told them I had already purchased it so I just kept it. If I knew it was teenagers most likely unarmed committing the crime, it can teach them a painful lesson without being lethal. Sadly around here they would never do any time for a home invasion, my lesson would affect them much more than any local court would. I hope this helped with some options to consider for your own situation.
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    Twice in my life I've dealt with attempted home invasions and three trespassings. No one was shot, and the police on the first attempted invasion were about 15 blocks away. On the rest, based on where I live now, police, emt, and fire are all less than five blocks. I know how fast they can get here when I make a call.

    We always call first, as there is one or two already armed. The first was technically three attempts, predawn, sunset, and dusk, in less than a 24 hour period by a pusher and his posse versus two well armed rednecks. The first attempt by them I fired a warning shot, and was ruled justifiable by the police and prosecutor. It broke up the fight of three vs one off our porch. My step father was the one and my mother and my little sisters where up stairs. There is a bit of age difference between me and my sisters. They where 2nd and 4th grade, I was 21. I had to chase them off two more times that day and AR15 vs snub nose RG caused one of them to realize he was too close to meeting his creator. I wish he'd have went for it. Not long afterward he shot two people killing one of them when they caught him shop lifting a bottle of deer scent. The neighbors were scared of these people and ended up with about 15 of us in the mayor's office.

    The second was many years later with of all things another pusher. My one stupid sister likes, "bad boys" and over the years has dated or lived with many. He attempted to kick in the front door when she came home to hide from him. My youngest sister was in high-school and called the police, I tore into him by grabbing him by the throat and delicate place at the same time and pushed him back through the door off a 4' high porch into the air in such a manner that he'd land head and back at the same time on the sidewalk. In short he was 8' to 9' horizontal in the air before hitting the side walk. I made sure he landed badly. I admit to some anger issues at that period in my life. He hadn't recovered when the police showed up. Found out then that there were open warrants, plural, for his arrest. At that time Ohio didn't have concealed carry, but you were legal on your own property. It was a 1911, S&W 66, and later a CZ75 for years until I went polymer. Glock 19, PPQ, P320C, PT-111G2, CCP, and migrated back to CZ in the P-07. I still own them all and in different variations.

    For years my neighbors seen me as the crazy paranoid one. They still see me as crazy, smart crazy, and not paranoid, but justifiably cautious. In this house, I'm first floor and line of sight for the front and back door, as well as the basement. Up stairs is covered by shotgun and two ankle bitters that think they could take down Godzilla. All our large dogs have passed on, but we may be adopting a sweet 2 year old Shepard/Collie mix. She is very protective of people she knows and trust.

    It's call police and stay in place if possible. I'm first in line. Cell phone is on 24/7 and can run on standby for up to 21 days. With moderate use 16 days, and a high capacity backup battery within reach. My CCW is closer as well as my shotgun. Several of my neighbors have a CHL and plans for JIC.


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    Yes, I do.
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    I've been broken into when i wasnt home and lived in an apartment, and my parents were as well when i was a kid, so for me at least your home defense starts at your door. At our house i replaced the doors it came with, with ones i made that are 75% thicker then normal and solid oak, i tried this thickness against a few rounds and it stops cold everything handgun that i had, even a 44 magnum, it also stopped my 12ga with slugs, and even my ar15, although repeated hits in close to the same location it only lasted about 3 rounds before a hole appeared.

    I also had the door frames reinforced with 4 2x6's when the house was built and i sank lag bolts all the way through all of it for the door hardware, i also got longer deadbolts i had to special order from a locksmith. I cant say with certainty that it can stand up to just about anything a thug could throw at it, but i bet it would stand up long enough to get them to reconsider the house they are picking. We also picked windows that are narrow so you cant really get into the house through those easily either for the few you can reach from the ground.

    Also used to have adt, and you can get 4 signs and lots of stickers each year you subscribe to them, so i have a bundle of those sitting in the attic to make sure even though im not a subscriber now, the signs are outside and on the doors and windows. Lots of motion activated lights around the house to.

    I figure with all that, if you get in, your a very serious threat and you will get to see my indoor prep
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