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Thread: Which is the Assalt Style Weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by knotjammin2 View Post
    Why would anyone consider any gun laws?
    AHH well speaking for myself!
    I don't look good in stripes, they make me look fatter, don't like to wash clothes and certainly am not looking for any lovers of the same sex as myself, plus I like to take long, walks in the countryside and since chain gangs have been ended you can't do that in prison.
    one might ask IF we do not abide with laws then why not just go about killing people we disagree with, why work--just steal everything that you want.
    I mean basically this is a civilized country and to be so we must abide with laws, if we don't like them then we need to change them, not ignore them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen Ape View Post
    It was Clyde's weapon of choice because not only could it lay down a serious barrage of firepower but it was also reliable in cutting through the heavy steel of cars back then where handgun calibers and buckshot often came up short.
    That's all Hollywood! Your really think 20 rnds is a barrage? We go into the weeds on stupid things to distract us from the real issue, "Gun Control" when you control the definitions you control the issue! I wish that people would get as twisted when ya hear "assault style" as some do with "clips"
    The corrupt media and anti's know the difference, THEY DON"T CARE! Educate your friends and family and neighbors when they speak these terms.

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    In the US Army I was in, we were trained to ASSAULT an enemy position shooting M1s from the hip at a rapid walk or running. Actually the only real advantage U.S. riflemen had in WWII was this feature. Even though the M1 only carried 8 rounds, it could be reloaded rapidly without even lifting it from the hip. The whole idea was to keep the enemy's head down while you advanced. Of course sub-machine guns can be used in this manner but there's nothing like a rifle round to scare the bejesus out of the enemy. The South Koreans did not want to use the M1s, "too big, too heavy", but when they saw what it could do in combat, they changed their minds. I'm not that big of a fan of the M1, I'm just sayin...


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