It's about time one of these scumbags got slapped hard
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Thread: It's about time one of these scumbags got slapped hard

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    It's about time one of these scumbags got slapped hard

    Swatting is calling 911 and telling them that a person who has guns is unhinged and waving or shooting their guns at their house, in an effort to get police or SWAT to charge in and arrest everybody. This one ended in tragedy, where somebody was killed when police went in. I just wish they had given him more than 20 years.
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    Pretty sure that we covered this already in an earlier thread.
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    I still think there is more to this. The cops knew the deceased was a felon who had been aggressive toward the cops in the past. Why did the swatter pick this particular person to "swat"? Did he know the guy was a criminal who would defy police (and get himself shot in the process)? I think it was premeditated murder.
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    Have you noticed, SWAT does everything but road patrols these days?
    Once again, I think a couple of officers ringing the doorbell would have worked.
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    This subject has already been discussed here
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    That is just plain stupid, no way it can end up good. He should have gotten more time.

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