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Thread: Taurus firearms are hated

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    I would just point out, as has many already but in other words, ways!
    sometimes the talk is not untrue!
    I dislike taurus because of the actual experience I have had with reliability, function, part availability and customer service.
    I have had need to return 5 of 9 New taurus weapons for repair, now I have 2 others (had 3 but got rid of one) that is under recall.
    so IF I return those it will be 7 out of 9 weapons that will need to be repaired say what you want to and buy what you want to, don't matter to me but thats MY experience, and I am not a fan boy because of brand but because of quality and customer service.
    I have had 3 Taurus weapons that did not need to be returned (or have not been on recall) a 709, and 2 PT1911's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by panfish View Post
    Taurus does itself no favors...With lawsuit...Long repair times...Poor to non existent parts availability...hit and miss QC...
    Here's my issue with this whole argument...elipses...

    • Name one firearms company who has been around as long or longer than Taurus who has never had a lawsuit filed against them.
    • Name other firearms companies who offer Lifetime Warranties as extensive as Taurus does.
    • Name other firearms companies outside of the US with a faster turnover rate.
    • Name other firearms companies outside of the US who are always stocked with replacement parts.
    • Name other firearms companies with similar pricing to Taurus who offer higher quality firearms.
    • Name other firearms companies who do all of the above better than Taurus.

    If you can't already see what I'm getting at here, then allow me to explain... For all that Taurus is offering, there are going to be drawbacks, otherwise they couldn't possibly maintain profitability and would have to close up shop. Taurus firearms are moderately priced, manufactured outside of the US for the most part, and offer a basically Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. So I honestly don't know what more folks are expecting from Taurus, but for what they are offering, I think they're doing a pretty good job, especially when you consider that there are other firearms companies out there who charge far more than Taurus does, yet have had an equal if not higher number of recalls on their firearms in recent years, their warranty is inferior, parts availability is equal if not worse, and are still widely acknowledged as being a top-notch firearms company who offers high quality firearms at competitive prices. *coughWALTHERcough*
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    It is like the Ford vs Chevy thing.

    (...and we all know Ford is best! 😉 )

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    Here is my Taurus story, so far.....

    I admit to being tentative about Taurus from internet/gossip/second hand info. Never intended to buy any. It wasn't till I was talking to the Lead RSO at my range one day that I actually talked to someone first hand about it. When I was looking at the rental case he talked about the M-85 they had and how he bought one for his lady. That impressed me straight away. Someone that works in the field of firearms putting his trust in a Taurus for loved one. So after awhile I rented it and I was impressed. Purchased a M-85 shortly thereafter.

    Being a big Kel-Tec P-32 fan I decided to try a PT-732. Unable to find a used one, glenwolde had posted a thread about a 732 slide and barrel for sale on eBay. So I purchased it and a new PT-738. Very pleased to have my 732 via 738 (thanks glenwolde). I actually like it better than my beloved P-32. These are my only semi-autos btw.

    So being a revolver guy I stumbled on a vid of the 617 seven shot 357. I have no interest in 357, but a huge interest in a higher capacity companion for my M-85. Purchased a 617 and it's on the way.

    So far so good with my Taurus experiences. And of course the TA folks here are great! Another bonus of being introduced to Taurus.

    Besides the KT mentioned I also own 3 Rugers a Rossi and a Colt. Like em all.
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    I have had Eleven Taurus Revolvers. Two were sent in for repair but one of them was my falt for the problem. Both repaired within Two weeks. I have no problem with Taurus.
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    When you look at the reality of Taurus bashers, it makes sense. There is not a larger manufacturer of small arms in the world. Even Kalashnikov hasn't produced as many firearms as Taurus. Well, if they're such garbage that either fall apart of blow up, how would they be able to continue to keep selling them? Now think of the mentality of a typical Taurus basher... 1- you wont find a hi-point owner among them. 2 - they've already bought their firearms at considerably higher prices than Taurus. You'd think if you just dropped a lot of money on some higher priced firearm, that it should be hands down better than a taurus. It should be more reliable, it should be more accurate. Now you get to see a taurus with it's owner and they're outshooting you. YOU cant be at fault because your a COD expert marksman sniper. You watched all the SD/rapid fire/3 gun videos on Youtube. and here's this old guy that shakes when he talks to you blowing out the center of his targets and you're lucky to keep it in the black at 7 yards. So how do you react? you blame the other guy's firearm saying it's a piece of junk and you talk to the other brand fanbois who back up everything you say. 2 weeks later, It's now common knowledge that Taurus is junk, they blow up and fall apart. then you point out the lawsuit as proof.
    All of this however pleases me as it keeps the prices down due to a falsely depressed market and Taurus still needs to make money to produce product.
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    I traded a Hi-Point C9 for an old Taurus 38 Special revolver with my neighbor. One of us got cheated but we don't know which one. The Taurus has been totally reliable as was the Hi-Point. Because of the Taurus revolver, I bought a new TCP. Now, because of both the revolver an TCP, I just ordered a PT111 G2. I expect my new Taurus to be as reliable as my S&W and Ruger semi-autos but at a much better price.

    I go my first Taurus to see if they were as bad as the bashers said and the results made me a Taurus fan.
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    I did my research before I bought my Taurus/Rossi weapons. I read the bad and the good. A lot of what I saw was unsubstantiated BS that was not based on fact. Some was but I found that the most every manufacturer has its problems. Here is a partial list up to 8/2003. (my point is, all the majors are on the list.)

    >Beretta - 1 recall
    >Browning - 9 recalls/1 Warning
    >Colt - 5 recalls/2 Warnings
    >Glock - 1 recall and 2 Warnings including "All calibers of pistols manufactured between Sept 2001 and May 2002 with s/n's starting with E, GSSF or USA
    >Remington - 56 recalls
    >Ruger - 6 recalls/7 Warnings
    >Savage - 1 recalls/4 Warnings
    >Sigarms - 7 Warnings
    >Smith & Wesson - 49 recalls/14 Warnings
    >Springfield Armory - 3 recalls
    >Taurus - 2 recalls/3 Warnings
    >Walther - 2 recalls
    >Winchester - 6 recalls/1 Warning

    This is my source:

    Firearm Recalls and Warnings Index on FirearmsID.com
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    I nor my 20 Tauri are getting involved in this conversation................
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    While Taurus is not my favorite brand...It is not my least favorite either...For the sake of possibly hurting someones feelings
    i will not mention my least favorite...And it has zero to with reliability.

    But we should all remember that this is a Taurus forum and if it was a Glock forum or a CZ forum or Kahr etc etc
    We would all see the same type of comments we see here.

    One thing for sure is...That more times than not...Legitimate issues or complaints get perceived as brand bashing.

    From personal experience i know that you can do a honest review of any gun and mention one thing you would change
    or don't like and all of the sudden certain people will be offended.

    It's the nature of any forum no matter the brand
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