Looking for fixed dovetail night sights
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    Looking for fixed dovetail night sights

    Hello all, I've come before you to seek counsel on the topic of night sights.

    I'm looking to replace both the front and rear dovetail sights of my Para 14.45 Expert (essentially a double-stack 1911-derivative platform). I like how it handles and sought it out to replace my 1911-A1 as my primary EDC... but need to find new sights first.

    After having the front sight fall off after about 150 rounds, a phone call to Remington's PARA department revealed that the gun would have to be sent in to install an identical front sight (can't send in replacement sights for them to throw on, and they can't/won't pay for a local gunsmith to attach a new front sight). From the looks of it, the dovetail sight was a bit undersized compared to the dovetail cut on the slide (I can slide it on and off using just my hands and a little force).

    A knowledgeable and trusted friend of mine suggested I look at the silver lining (he's definitely an optimist) and take this as an opportunity to install night sights.

    I've been searching online for the past few days, but can't always discern what is chaff and what is unbiased, empirical truth. Searching TA only turned up this thread started by oldschoolpaulie with a photo of his dovetailed sight being the same style as mine (GI-style, fixed, dovetail sight without tritium or dots, that is):

    So now my question(s): What dovetailed night sights would you recommend for a Para 14.45? What night sights do you have installed on your EDC?
    I'd very much prefer metal over plastic, and fixed over adjustable in keeping with the K.I.S.S. principle. Thanks to everyone in advance.
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    Gosh, send the gun in fro a front site replacement??
    sounds like they have hired some customer service folks from another gun company I know.
    anyway, just find any front sight of the same height that is cut for the para dovetail, if replacing both front and back then buy a matched set.
    then install them or pay a gunsmith to do this, around here thats a 25-35 dollar job usually.
    tritium is pretty much tritium so far as glow or life they are the same now if you want fiber optics included with the trits then the make them.
    I do like a trit sight that has the white ring around it as it helps me greatly in daylight.
    should be plenty out there for the para.
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