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Thread: Texas Taurus Eat, Meet, Shoot, and Greet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwood717 View Post
    Sand Lake #4 only 50 weeks away.
    Where's the updated avatar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilProGuy View Post
    And ya'll need to pay close attention.

    Do you see how awestruck this guy is with her pontifications?
    Pontifications? Are those like kilts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleHouse View Post
    March runs into Spring break territory. That rules a lot of people out and means higher gas and air prices. Not to mention traffic.
    Spring Break is typically the first 2 full weeks of March

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elwood717 View Post
    I'm glad I clicked the link! I thought you were talking about the after effects of TH's chili. ..........

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