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Thread: Great article for sighting in a handgun (or rifle)

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    Just what I needed. Thanks.

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    well you forgot one thing I believe. the variable of "what was the gun sighted in for at the factory". ive always seen that revolvers typically came with a 6 oclock hold built in. so when I shot my 66 for the first time, I was hitting exactly where I was aiming, under the bull. So a quick change of hold to inside the middle of the bull, and that's where bullets went.
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    Interesting read. Thanks for sharing
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    Here ya go. More ballistic information than you might ever need for center fire rifle ammunition. It gives you a visual representation of what a certain bullet, at a certain sight height, will do out to 250 yards, including recoil, muzzle velocity, drop, drift, MOA, and more. It also gives text information for shots out to 1,000 yards. It will even give a visual comparison between two different bullet weights from the same, or different calibers or the same weight of bullets from different calibers. It will allow you to sight in a 500 yard shot on a 25 yard range if that's all you have access to.

    For instance, right now it's telling me I need to shoot 1.28 inches high at 25 yards to zero in at 500 yards with a .223 loaded with 45 gr jhp rounds, with a muzzle velocity of 3550 fps from an AR15 (2 ½" sight height above bore). It also tells me that at 500 yards, that particular round will still be moving at 3393 fps and have 1150 foot pounds of energy. For a 1,000 yard shot, I need to sight in 15.18" high at 25 yards.

    It can be programmed with altitude, barometric pressure, temperature, wind direction & speed, and humidity. It also gives you a selection of over 50 calibers of Remington ammunition ranging from .17 to 8mm Rem Mag, and all the various bullets withing each caliber....21 different bullets for 30-06 including 55 grain accelerator up to 220 grain Core-Lokt.

    I've used the free version for years as a handy reference:

    Remington Shoot Ballistics Software

    Have fun :-)
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    nice article, thanks
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