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Thread: Remington U.M.C. Handgun .357 Mag

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    In 6 years of being active on gun forums, I think all I have ever heard anyone say negative on UMC is they are a little dirty, but there are plenty of others just as dirty or more so than UMC. I still think I prefer them over most European and Asian ammo.
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    The short answer: I've shot a lot of this ammo and for the price it's hard to beat. It's also given me a lot of re-loadable brass over the years.

    Upsides: In the Rugers it ran 1400-1450fps in a 4" GP100 I chrono'd several years back. My Colts ran about 75-100fps slower. Either way, the ammo was fairly accurate and gave a good punch in the hand so you knew you were firing something powerful. I've not run into problems with hard primers with my revolvers. It seems to be no dirtier than WWB and S&B .357M I've shot.

    Downsides: Bought a box a couple years back and when I dumped the ammo out on a mat to inspect it, I noticed that 4 out of 5 rounds had little to no crimp. We inspected the remaining boxes of the same lot# and noticed the same, so we returned all of it back to the vendor. Haven't run into the same problem since. Bad lots of ammo happen with every manufacturer from time to time.

    Potential problem: .357M needs to be crimped fully into the cannelure for safety reasons. Under heavy recoil, the bullets could fall out of the case and lock up the revolver. Less likely but an even worse scenario, the bullets could fall deeper into the case, driving pressures beyond a safe range. The variability of the crimps also vary the working pressure of the cartridge, making for a very inaccurate box of ammo.

    Lesson confirmed: Whenever buying factory ammo, I inspect the ammo before loading it into one of my firearms. Been doing it since my smallbore 4-H days and see no reason to stop.
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