Suggestions for 9mm defensive rounds
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Thread: Suggestions for 9mm defensive rounds

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    Suggestions for 9mm defensive rounds

    Looking for personal experience's with defensive rounds, anyone that's done any testing or done much research if you don't mind giving me some help.

    It will be carried in my Taurus g2c, speer gold dot or critical duty, if there's other good options please inform me.

    Thanks for your help

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    Federal HST 124 gr is my favorite.

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    I'll shoot most hollow points. Montana gold, Speer, hydro shock... Right now i have been using Hornady XTP. Most any will get it done just fine if you can hit what you point at. Lead on target , firstest with the moistest.
    I'll shoot my carry ammo after a year of packing it around. I replace it with what ever i find a good deal on or rotate some out of the "scary arsenal of guns and ammo " that keeps tree huggers drinking sleepy time tea at night.

    I had a guy in NC loading Montana gold HP. His business Blamtec was loading mostly for professional target shooters but he sold to the public as well. He was in business for some years but better opportunities came his way.
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    Either one of the two you mentioned will work just fine.

    There's not a nickles worth of difference between today's premium hollow points terminal performance.

    What ever is most reliable in your gun is what I'd stick with.
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    I would take the Gold Dots.......

    If you want to look at some testing done by Lucky Gunner- go here- scroll way down the page to the 9mm charts-
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    What are you most accurate with?

    Nothing works, if you don’t hit the target.

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    All I'll add is that you can pretty much choose any quality HP for a 4" and above barrel length. When you get down to 3.5" and below barrel length testing has shown that some HP's don't perform as well in testing, this is testing so you chose to trust it or not.
    I do believe that Hornady has stated that the Critical Duty is designed for full size duty weapons and may not perform as well in shorter barrels(this was stated on their website at one time), though this may have changed.

    You can look at video testing from Luckygunner and there was another guy i think goes by "Shooting the bull" videos or something like that.

    I personally carry Federal HST's in 124 and 147 offerings in shorter barrels .

    Always test what ever you decide to try, have fun testing.
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    I use Sig V-Crown. But frankly, if you are not LE or military any bullet is a good defensive round.
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    IMO you don't need to buy any extra rounds for SD, the odd of you actually using your pistol is high but hot lottery high now days, If you use a specific brand\round and are proficient with it then use them when you leave the house. A bullet doesn't know if it's hydro-shock or range but either way I'd bet my pistol it's going to hurt like hell! If I have to shoot someone I really don't want to kill them because they made a stupid decision at the moment.

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    Each pistol and how it shoots ammo is different from all other pistols even if the same make or brand. You'll have to do some testing of your own to figure which is most accurate for you own gun. It's all part and paracel of the whole shooting package. For example, what works in mine nay not work well in your pistol. Too many vagaries to take into consideration.

    Some pistols shoot well with either 115 grain or124 grain bullets. Still the experimentation has to be done by you. The same goes for the 147 grain rounds.

    Try a box or two of any 9x19 ammo to see what happens.

    There are rounds like the ARX and Honey Badger rounds. These are solid bullets with light recoil, but can cause severe trauma, if properly placed on target, to a human.

    What this means is that is to be used as a guide for use. Many ammo loads are in that ballpark for +P. Especially the 124 +P rounds are in that ballpark.

    That includes 115gr. rounds as well.

    If you stay within the parameter of 1225 feet per second, + or - a few feet per second either side of that, there should be no problems.

    Forget +P+ ammo completely.

    There is one caveat. With short barrels, the velocity advantage +P gives out of longer barreled pistols, just isn't there for the most part. The +P bullet just doesn't get that high a boost in speed or in power.

    There will be a slight increase in velocity, but not so much that the target is going to notice the difference.

    Todays modern bullets are designed to deform at low muzzle velocities. That's one of Hornady's success stories. For example: FTX Critical
    iis not ultra velocity ammo.
    The bullet design will expand at low speed and will not clog with material. Yet the bullet gets deep penetration and expands dynamically. In testing several

    I prefer standard pressure rounds in my short barreled pistols.

    There is faster recovery time between shots if needed those shots are needed. Less blast and noise,too.

    , Federal, Corbon, Hornady, and
    all have excellent modern that will get the job done. 115-124gr. rounds are the norm for self defense in 9x19. That's +P or fro standard pressure rounds.

    There are 147gr.modern rounds that are fine for defense use, but the 115gr-124gr. rounds are norally the way to go. END OF QUOTE. Now for some assigned homework. What you need to know is in the links.


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