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Thread: Okay, who's gonna' try it first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodfair View Post
    When I was at sea, one of our ships caught fire. For insurance purposes the water damaged beer stock was transferred to my ship to be inspected before being dumped. There was about 700 cases of various beers on the after deck, not watched, including about 40 cases of PBR. Come dumping time the only beer left to be dumped was the PBR!
    Might make a good shark repellant!
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    I've been a tea-totaller for fifty-three years, but thinking back to some of the stuff I drank in my recklessly wasted and misspent youth, I still have great difficulty trying to imagine PBR making any kid of good whiskey. I mean, even the concept is difficult, it kind of makes my hear ache to imagine that. . . . . ..NO, no way.

    But since my abstinence is current and will remain so, I'm gonna wait for YOU GUYS to try it and just sit here with my cup of hibiscus tea and see how it all works out for you.

    Bon appetit, or bein' tight, or whatever .

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