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Thread: What's for Breakfast?

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    Scrambled eggs in butter then threw in shredded cheese just long enough to melt , ecrigh sausage off the grill , tobassca sauce, jelly and toast with apple juice to chase it down . It was goooood !!!

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    Deviled eggs. I got hooked-up through a customer and every few weeks, a lady comes over from Ohio (pronounced uh-HI-yah) and brings me these huge (as in huuuuuuge) double-yolk eggs. My wife likes to make deviled eggs with them and blends in different cheeses to the yolk when she whips it up. They're awesome and each one is about like eating a whole egg salad sandwich, minus the bread. I washed 'em down with some hot tea but it was so strong......I hadda' have a brandy chaser. ...wasn't gonna' start drinkin' 'til later but not really knowin' just how long it might take......figured I should prob'ly get on it early.
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    Eggs Bacon and Earl Campbell's Red Hots Sassages.

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